On March 29th, 1989 at Whittier Presbyterian Intercommunity Hospital, Mark and Patti Logas welcomed their son Dylan into the world.  The connection with Whittier, for the Logas family, began in 1951 when Dylan’s grandparents, both maternal and paternal, moved to Whittier.  Both of Dylan’s parents and his brother, Chase, attended Rio Hondo College earning Associate degrees.

Dylan has lived in Whittier his entire life. He attended Lad ‘N’ Lassie Preschool, Mulberry Elementary School, East Whittier Middle School, and he graduated from California High School in 2007.  Upon graduation, Dylan was accepted to California State University, Fullerton.  While in college, Dylan struggled academically; he was unsure of what he wanted to do with his education and soon decided to focus on working.  Dylan excelled at his job, being awarded for high sales marks in his company and several promotions.  When Dylan learned that the only way to advance his career was to go back to school and get a degree, he realized that the work he was doing was not fulfilling.  In 2014, he left his job and started a soul-searching process. 

In 2015, with clear purpose, focus, and drive, Dylan made the decision to go back to school and started attending Rio Hondo College.  While attending Rio Hondo, Dylan worked 50 hours a week as an air conditioning technician and took classes in the evening.  During this time, he noticed evening students had less access to some and no access to other school resources compared to students who attended classes during the day.  During his final year at Rio Hondo, Dylan knew it was time to take a leap of faith.  He left his job as an air conditioning technician and started working in education -- his first true love!  Dylan works as an Instructional Assistant for students with special needs in the East Whittier City School District. 

Dylan spent his final year at Rio Hondo committed to enriching students’ lives by working to remove barriers and giving students equitable access to school resources.  Dylan gathered a group of concerned students, like himself, and started Rio Students UNITE, a student-run advocacy club, committed to ensuring student access to all school resources.  Dylan and his club worked to add safety measures in parking lots, extending library hours and providing access to food options in the evening.  Dylan worked with the Faculty Union, Academic Senate, Associated Students, Deans, and Vice Presidents to create these changes. 

Dylan found other ways to give back to his college and community.  In 2017, he became certified through the East Los Angeles Women’s Center and the State of California to counsel and advocate for individuals who have been impacted by sexual assault and domestic violence.  Dylan joined VIP (Violence Intervention Program), a Rio Hondo program designed to counsel and advocate for students going through trauma.  Through this program, he worked to ensure that the people for which he advocated had access to all resources granted to them through Title IX policies.  Dylan also helped to host resource fairs, trainings, and workshops.  He volunteers with ELAWC as a hospital advocate, rape crisis line counselor, and community event resource provider. 

Dylan graduated with a near 4.0 GPA from Rio Hondo with degrees in Communications and History.  Dylan earned various honors, certificates, and awards such as Outstanding Student Award in Public speaking 2017, MVP- Student Life and Leadership 2017, Pathway to Law Scholar recipient 2018, Student Life Achievement Award 2018 and certificates for achievement as part of the Speech and Debate team.  Lastly, Dylan became certified to train people to be voter registrars. He also works with a non-profit organization to help get the community registered to vote. 

Dylan Logas’ journey is just beginning.  He is currently attending California State University, Long Beach in pursuit of a Bachelor’s degree in History.  He has set his sights on continuing his education at USC to achieve Doctor of Philosophy in Public Policy and Management and on being elected to Rio Hondo College Board of Trustees to continue to be of service to Rio Hondo students, the community, his family, and his city.