Former Student Leaders at Rio Hondo College

Martin Covarrubias (Associated Student President 17-18)

Jesus Colin (Associated Student Secretary 17-18)

This guy right here is named Dylan Logas! I met him this past year and worked with me while I was in a leadership position at Rio Hondo College. I was part of the team who made the food pantry become reality for Rio Hondo College. I helped pick the new food vender at the Rio Cafe.

Dylan always was looking to better the students at Rio hondo College. He always came up to me advocating for night students and how they didn’t get the same chances or perks to students who came to class during the day. I always saw him getting signatures for petitioning for longer library hours at night, trying to have commencement changed to a date and time when no finals were being held on, opening staff parking lots after 5pm to students. We worked together to get events going for nights students. Success at Sunset the first event for nights students which we gave out free snacks and school supplies was a success and Dylan was always there thanking us and loving the event.

I had the chance to be at the same table as the President and Vice Presidents of the college and discuss issues students have at Rio Hondo College. I was always there voicing, pushing, showing the president problems that weren’t brought up before.

A big success that we both worked together on was having the staff parking lot open for students after 5pm. Why this is a big success is students will be able to park in a parking lot with much more lights and cars passing by so students will feel much safer to come to class at night. Rio Hondo is on a hill and the biggest parking lot is at the top of the hill Lot A and it is just pitch black up there and sometimes I saw some cars parked super far. They were on the other end of the parking lot. Dylan has already seen this was an issue he was advocating for with signatures to petition to have something done. I brought this up to the attention of the president of the school and she saw the benefit of opening up the staff parking lot.

I fully support and endorse him in running for Rio Hondo College Board of Trustees in Area 5. Dylan is here to improve everything that we started this year and keep helping all the students and voicing issues that the college doesn’t see.

Bailey Garcia (Associated Student Treasurer 17-18)

My name is Bailey Garcia and I am happy to announce that I endorse Dylan Logas as Trustee.

As a former student leader at Rio Hondo College, I know what it is to be an advocate for students. Throughout my time in student government I saw many faculty and staff advocate for students in meetings; however, never had I seen someone as passionate as Dylan. Dylan would spend countless hours interacting with students and always listened to what they had to say. His passion, dedication, and ability to empathize with people truly sets him apart from others. 

I had the honor of working alongside Dylan at Rio Hondo as a peer mentor. I saw first-hand how substantial his work ethic is and he defined what it meant to be a leader. Dylan is consistently using his voice so that underrepresented students are heard, and he takes it a step further by ensuring their concerns are addressed.

I know when elected Dylan will be a great asset to the Board of Trustees. His passion, work ethic, teamwork, and ability to connect with the community are what make him the prominent leader he is. Furthermore, I have met very few who carry themselves with the level of integrity Dylan does. Because of his attributes and more, Dylan Logas is the right choice for the position.

I proudly say I know this from first-hand experience. Once again, I endorse Dylan Logas as Trustee, and don’t forget to vote for him; you will be making the right choice.

Jon Kaldas (Debate Team Vice Captain 17-18)

Christopher Lopez (V.P. Pre-Law Society 17-18)

I hereby endorse my good friend and associate Dylan Logas for Rio Hondo College Board of Trustees 2018, Area 5I knew him while I was on the Mock Trial team at Rio Hondo College and I had made many encounters with him at many Community events sponsored by Pathway to Law School. He is a very dedicated advocate for student rights and is committed to making a difference in the Rio Hondo College Community. I highly encourage everyone to vote this coming November