Former Rio Hondo Student Trustee of the Board

Pariss Youngblood 2017-18

Brandon Pablo Leon 2016-17

"My name is Brandon Pablo Leon, and I am thrilled to announce I am endorsing Dylan Logas for Trustee. 

As a former student trustee, I have been an advocate for educational opportunities for all students at Rio Hondo College and across the state. Moreover, I know the importance of advocating for marginalized groups first hand.

With this knowledge, I believe there is no individual I know that has shown more dedication to being that advocate than Dylan Logas. In my experience with him as a student, he has demonstrated an incredible work ethic, an ability to effectively organize students, a well researched and measured competency, and most importantly of all the tireless ability to listen to, comprehend and empathize with students.

I know that when elected Dylan will do an incredible job bridging the equity gap and opportunity for all students at Rio Hondo and will represent the school and community with the greatest ability. I know what type of Person Dylan is first hand, and he is the right person for the job.

Dylan Logas for Rio Hondo College Board of Trustees!"