Speech and Debate Team

Dylan was awarded Outstanding Student of the Year in Communications for the 2016-2017 school year.  This award, along with faculty encouragement and support, inspired him to compete in the 2017 PSCFA Cool-Off Tournament.  This is an end of the year debate competition open to all community college students to allow them the opportunity to participate in Speech and Debate. Dylan was awarded 4th Speaker out of the 90 competitors.

The next year, Dylan joined the Rio Hondo College Speech and Debate team.  He competed in over 20 debate competitions across the country, including the state championships and the national championship tournament.  He won many awards in various events and became a well liked competitor on his team and across the circuit.  Dylan received commendations from Rio Hondo College on three different occasions for his achievements.  He used the skills learned from speech and debate to advocate on behalf of causes he is passionate about.

This is a video produced by Rio Hondo College in a effort to showcase some of the amazing programs it has to offer. This is a little bit about what debate means to me and one of my other teammates. Forensics (speech and debate) changes lives, and I am so proud to have been a part of the team. Thank you.