Violence Intervention Program

The Violence Intervention Program is a program that is hosted by Rio Hondo College in an effort to counsel and advocate for students who have gone through sexual assault and/or domestic violence.  The wonderful thing about VIP is that it is not directly sponsored by Rio Hondo College, meaning that if a student wants to seek services and get help, they can do so without fear of the school being notified. This allows more students than ever before to feel empowered to come speak with various advocates. Many of these students who have gone through trauma receive counseling from licensed professionals. Many of these students also feel empowered enough to bring their issues forward to the school to get help through Title IX.

Dylan was the only male advocate on campus and was certified in both sexual assault and domestic violence advocacy, making him a valuable asset.  He has a great way of speaking with students and has a deep level of empathy allowing him to connect with students quickly and effectively. Dylan saw to it that students were getting proper counseling. He also guided them through the Title IX process and ensured they were getting all the benefits to which they were entitled. 

During his time as an on-campus advocate, Dylan spent over 900 hours working to better the program, help students, and bring awareness to the campus.  Dylan assisted in hosting Domestic Violence Awareness Month which included a resource fair, a healthy relationship workshop, HIV awareness and stigma education, informative video, and wooden cutouts called Silent Silhouettes that he created himself.  He also assisted in hosting Sexual Assault Awareness Month with many of the same events and also included: Walk a Mile in Her Shoes and the Vagina Monologues. Dylan traveled to various college campuses to inform students about the options for help and hope that are provided in the community.

Domestic violence awareness month was hosted at Rio Hondo College and consisted of different events every week all month. I was fortunate enough to be asked to speak on behalf of the organization.